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The Gentlewave® Procedure

   We are excited to announce that Lake Washington Endodontics is a now a certified provider of The Gentlewave® Procedure. A revolutionary alternative to standard root canal treatment employing a minimally invasive protocol and proprietary Multisonic Cleaning. The result? Stronger roots and an unparalleled level of root canal cleanliness with little to no post operative…

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Cone Beam Imaging and Root Canal Treatment 

Three dimensional cone beam imaging was very helpful in this case. It allowed me to better visualize the complex anatomy of the molars and highlighted the cause of the patient’s discomfort. Root canal treatment was carried out on the necrotic upper second molar. We saved the tooth and the existing crown. What a great result!  …

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Removing a Separated Instrument

A Separated file in a Lower Incisor Unluckily for this patient, an endodontic file (a small instrument used to shape the inside of a tooth) got stuck in their tooth during root canal treatment. The patient’s dentist spotted this procedural mishap and sent the patient our way.  Using a variety of specialized tools, the file…

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