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A Cracked Molar. Ouch!

Dental pain from a crack in a tooth can be frustratingly hard to diagnose. In this instance, tooth #15 was cracked and the patient was suffering with a great deal of pain. Using a highly intense blue light it was possible to visualize a hairline crack in this patient’s second molar. (#15) the crack had…

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Thanksgiving Toothache. Emergency!

  There is never a good time to have a toothache. Unfortunately for this patient she developed one shortly before Thanksgiving and called us late one evening. Treatment the following morning involved a painless, minimally invasive root canal treatment using The Gentlewave Procedure. The patient’s pain was eliminated and her tooth saved. Happy Thanksgiving!  …

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Teeth come in all shapes and sizes.

This 82 year old patient was experiencing pain from a lower molar. This is a very important tooth as it supports a bridge. The tooth had been problematic for a number of years. Using The Gentlewave Procedure I was able to fully disinfect the complex c-shaped root canal system. The root was then sealed with…

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