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Restorative, Resorptive Retreatment; A Trifecta of Challenges

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Jun 8, 2020

This wonderful patient presented to our office with pain in the upper left quadrant. Findings included deep caries in #12 and a host of issues with #14. I had my reservations about the latter, with findings including the following Prior endodontic treatment with asymptomatic apical periodontitis. Recurrent caries around the composite, internal resorption in the…

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Use The Force

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Mar 5, 2020

Here is another case where I curtailed my efforts at anatomical exploration and used the force, of multi-sonic fluid dynamics, to offset my inadequacies.   This upper second molar was not positioned with endodontists in mind. Limited mouth opening and a distal angulation (pointed toward the back of the mouth) meant for a challenging access…

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Amazing Healing

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Feb 25, 2020

This case is a beautiful demonstration of what endodontic treatment can do. Four months on from treating this patient’s tooth and and the body illustrates its remarkable healing potential. The patient’s symptoms resolved immediately following treatment. No post treatment pain was experienced. This is in part due to the minimally invasive and maximal cleaning of GentleWave…

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The Little Things

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Feb 5, 2020

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. This patient had had a root canal treatment on their upper second molar carried out a little more than a year ago. Unfortunately the complicated anatomy in the mesiobuccal root, with a canal bifurcation in the apical 1/3, seems to have meant for inadequate…

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No room for error.

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Nov 18, 2019

A narrow root form with extensive restorative treatment and near complete calcification of the canal system meant preservation of dentin was paramount. A preoperative 3D CBCT allowed careful planning of the access. Munce Discovery burs were used to carefully peel away decades of reactionary dentin and the canals were located. Minimal instrumentation of this tight…

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The Gentlewave Procedure.

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Sep 27, 2019
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Performance Enhancing Endodontics

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Sep 26, 2019

It’s cases like this among others that really allow the efficacy of the Gentlewave Procedure to shine through. It allows me to delivery optimal care in a single appointment. This 68 yr old lady presented with pain in the upper right quadrant. She reported that she’d been dealing with the pain for years. The pain…

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An Infinity of Root Canal Cleanliness

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Sep 20, 2019

This wonderful patient has a healthy grinding and an ice-chewing habit. Some weeks back they had bit into a hard mint and immediately experienced severe pain. Their discomfort had reduced over the following weeks but was still present when I met them. We discussed treatment options and decided that saving the tooth was desirable. Root canal…

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It’s the Little Differences.

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Sep 17, 2019

  This patient presented with some slight tenderness in a lower molar. The previous treatment was carried out by an excellent endodontist in the area. Despite this quality treatment a small lesion (a small area of bone damage ) was noted at the tip of the distal root. The tooth paiful. After examining the three…

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Unparalleled Ultracleaning of the Gentlewave Procedure.

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Sep 12, 2019

Deep decay in this premolar had led to a painful pulpitis for this patient. Fortunately, this tooth can be saved. Endodontists save teeth. After minimal instrumentation using V-taper rotary files, the narrow and long root canal complex was cleaned and then filled with bioceramic. Just look at the multiple apical foramen! Ultraclean!

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