Use The Force

Here is another case where I curtailed my efforts at anatomical exploration and used the force, of multi-sonic fluid dynamics, to offset my inadequacies.

                                                                                    Complex anatomy in the MB root with 3 distinct portals of exit.


This upper second molar was not positioned with endodontists in mind. Limited mouth opening and a distal angulation (pointed toward the back of the mouth) meant for a challenging access to this curvy canal system.

It was a necrotic tooth and had been bothering the patient for a number of weeks, causing her pain and sleepless nights.

Heat treated DC Taper endodontic files were used to minimally shape the canals while preserving maximal dentin.

Bioceramic was used to seal the canals and Luxacore was placed in the access opening.

I find it interesting to see how this incredible technology forces me as a clinician to reassess what technical goals are important.

The complex anatomy in the mesiobuccal root remains untouched, pristine and sealed. Fantastic!

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