A Trifecta of Challenges.

Endodontic Retreatment. 3 Rooted Premolar. File retrieval.

Here is an interesting case from last month that presented a few interesting challenges. These needed to be met if the patient’s tooth was to be saved. 

The root canal filling material and presence of a separated file from a prior treatment meant accessing the root canal system was more difficult.

Complex dental anatomy was noted. This particular tooth exhibited three slender delicate roots, a rare anatomical variant present in about 1-2% of the population. The use of 3D imaging helped Dr. Convey visualize this and allowed the formulation an appropriate strategy to address it.

Pretreatment radiographs and a cone-beam CT image also helped illustrate to the patient the nature of their problem and source of their pain. Dr. Convey believes that when better informed, patients are better able to make decisions about their treatment options. An informed patient is better equipped to retain their natural teeth.

It has healed and the patient is asymptomatic.

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