Technology to the Rescue!

  • This 70 yr old patient presented with a history of pain from a lower molar.
  • A thorough examination and conventional radiographs confirmed the presence of apical pathology on #19.
  • Treatment options were discussed including root canal therapy with The Gentlewave or extraction.
  • The patient, wanting to save her tooth chose the former and microendodontic treatment was carried out.

Preoperative images

  • The tooth was extensively calcified.
  • With the aid of the surgical operating microscope and a 3D CBCT scan I was able to locate all 4 canals and preserve precious tooth structure.

The thrill of the fill!

  • Minimal instrumentation using v-taperH2 endodontic files followed by the ultracleaning power of The Gentlewave facilitated a complete sealing of the now pristine canal system with bioceramic.
  • The patients existing crown was preserved and repaired using a bonded composite #Luxacore and she is now pain free.

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