External Cervical Resorption. No Cats in Sight

This 76 year old patient was asymptomatic at presentation. He became aware of a catch on his upper tooth about two weeks ago and called his dentist.  His dentist spotted the resorption before referring him to see me and my team.

Who knows if trauma decades earlier has caused this but his type of resorption seems to be becoming more prevalent over time. One study links it to a feline virus with another theory considering excess Vitamin-D  in household milk as a possible factor.

Dental dam isolation and Soundseal around the tooth and its immediate neighbors was placed. This facilitated removing lingual defect and overgrown gum tissue.

After I accessed the vital pulp, the canal was instrumented to length with a 25 .06 V-taper H2 file.

Geristore was used to restore the cavity and a Soundseal platform was built.  I was able to run The Gentlewave Procedure without any leaks. Fantastic cleaning!

Some spotting of blood was noted laterally from what I have labeled the secondary defect.

The canal was obturated with a 25 .04 BC cone and Bioceramic before placing Geristore in the access.

This tricky case was made simpler by having a well informed patient who was a joy to work with.

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