It’s the Little Differences.


This patient presented with some slight tenderness in a lower molar. The previous treatment was carried out by an excellent endodontist in the area.

Despite this quality treatment a small lesion (a small area of bone damage ) was noted at the tip of the distal root. The tooth paiful.

After examining the three dimensional images of the tooth, I elected to only address the distal root hoping to avoid any further removal of dentin from the mesial.

After accessing the tooth, the distal canals were retreated. The Gentlewave Procedure was then carried out to render the canals ultraclean.

I sealed the root using bio-ceramic and preserved the existing crown using a bonded Composite material.

Fingers crossed my conservative plan isn’t misguided and the “little diferences” noted in the distal will be an endodontic Royale with Cheese.


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