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External Cervical Resorption. No Cats in Sight

By Dr. Gavin Convey | May 14, 2019

This 76 year old patient was asymptomatic at presentation. He became aware of a catch on his upper tooth about two weeks ago and called his dentist.  His dentist spotted the resorption before referring him to see me and my team. Who knows if trauma decades earlier has caused this but his type of resorption…

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Root Canal Treatment on a Severely Calcified Tooth

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Apr 9, 2019

Calcified teeth are a challenge. Fortunately,technology can give us a leg up and help us save more of them with long lasting results. With the aid of a pre-treatment CBCT and a little patience I was able to locate the calcified canals in this lower molar. The canals were conservatively shaped using revolutionary latest generation…

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Technology to the Rescue!

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Mar 29, 2019

This 70 yr old patient presented with a history of pain from a lower molar. A thorough examination and conventional radiographs confirmed the presence of apical pathology on #19. Treatment options were discussed including root canal therapy with The Gentlewave or extraction. The patient, wanting to save her tooth chose the former and microendodontic treatment…

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Lake Washington Endodontics is one year old

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Feb 21, 2019

Thank you to all our wonderful patients and referring doctors for your support and confidence. We love being a part of this wonderful community we get to call home.

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Less is more. Titrated Retreatment

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Feb 5, 2019

  This gentleman presented with pain from an upper molar that had had a root canal treatment more than 20 years ago. A 3-D image was taken of the area using small-field conebeam imaging. The 3-D image confirmed the presence of an area of inflamed tissue at the apex of one root and normal bone…

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Happy New Year

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Jan 3, 2019

The Gentlewave Procedure facilitates maximal preservation of tooth structure and cleans the microscopic spaces in the root better than anything else. This patient had a painful lower molar that ruined Christmas. Fortunately The New Year promises smooth sailing and a pain-free future. #gentlewave #toothache #rootcanaltreatment #endodontics

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A Cracked Molar. Ouch!

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Nov 27, 2018

Dental pain from a crack in a tooth can be frustratingly hard to diagnose. In this instance, tooth #15 was cracked and the patient was suffering with a great deal of pain. Using a highly intense blue light it was possible to visualize a hairline crack in this patient’s second molar. (#15) the crack had…

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Thanksgiving Toothache. Emergency!

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Nov 20, 2018

  There is never a good time to have a toothache. Unfortunately for this patient she developed one shortly before Thanksgiving and called us late one evening. Treatment the following morning involved a painless, minimally invasive root canal treatment using The Gentlewave Procedure. The patient’s pain was eliminated and her tooth saved. Happy Thanksgiving!  …

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Teeth come in all shapes and sizes.

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Nov 13, 2018

This 82 year old patient was experiencing pain from a lower molar. This is a very important tooth as it supports a bridge. The tooth had been problematic for a number of years. Using The Gentlewave Procedure I was able to fully disinfect the complex c-shaped root canal system. The root was then sealed with…

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The Gentlewave® Procedure

By Dr. Gavin Convey | Oct 26, 2018

   We are excited to announce that Lake Washington Endodontics is a now a certified provider of The Gentlewave® Procedure. A revolutionary alternative to standard root canal treatment employing a minimally invasive protocol and proprietary Multisonic Cleaning. The result? Stronger roots and an unparalleled level of root canal cleanliness with little to no post operative…

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